President Donald – a dream!


President Donald – a dream.

Ford, the all american carmaker, is moving the manufacturing of it’s models Focus and C-Max away from Detroit to Mexico, where Ford will be building new fascilities investing $2,5 bn. The new trade deal made it possible and sensible.

What does that mean for Donald Trump and his followers? Well, for one all the mexican rapists, drug dealers and criminals, as the Donald used to call them lock, stock and barrel, now have all the reason in the world to stay away from the US, just as Trumpeters demand, because from now on Mexico is where the jobs are!

The Detroit people don’t like it and soon Detroit will be everywhere. And when hordes of unemployed US-citizens will cross the borders into Mexico to try for a better life, climbing their own fences from the other side, many of them at night, the Mexicans will get nervous. The Mariachis will stop, the borders will patroled, and the negotiations will begin.

President Trump will have to sit down with mexican Leaders in order to persuade them to let more Americans into Mexico. „It’s where the jobs are!“ he argues so brillantly, „and yes, they’re uneducated people who simply want to support their families back home. You of all people should understand that.“

The Mexicans decide to have a public vote on the matter. In a desperate attempt to convince the mexican people to let more Americans in, President Trump adresses them in a televised speech. Very brave he starts by explaining his own remarks from 2015, how deeply he regrets those harsh words spoken in an overachieving manner of a president in the making. He offers a presidential guarantee that no laws will be broken, all rules will be obeyed and then he simply begs them to vote for yes. A moment of glory.

„Mexicans!“ he so Donaldy begins, „I’m giving it to you straight: I’d be a liar if I said we’re sending you our best. We’re not. But I can assure you we’re not sending you our rapists, our drug dealers or criminals. I’m not saying that. But what I’m saying is: let’s tear down the fences and open the gates just as good neighbours do. We work together and we live together, and together we’ll be an even stronger power to make sure that all of us can have a decent life. Vota si por favor!“

That’s when he woke up. Covered in pre-presidential sweat he drags himself into the bathroom, splashes his face with cold water and looks into the mirror. His hair all in it’s natural place, tired eyed he tells himself: „It was just a bad dream, you can do it…!“

But was it? And can he?